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Realisation through Collaboration

Providing specialist consultancy, strategy, and services

to help you realise your business potential

What we do

Every business faces challenges to overcome and every business growth cycle needs to be tested on a regular basis.

Working in partnership, Christie Consultants Scotland ensures you never have to face those challenges alone. We provide business review and strategy advice for our clients, as well as business to business services based on Christie’s ACT NOW review model.

Your challenges may include…

  • succession planning

  • a need to consider finance

  • marketing support

  • logistics

  • additional staff resource

  • exit planning

  • HR needs

  • or acquisition

Whatever is holding back your business growth, our team of specialists can assist with advice and source the best-in-class professional services for your needs.

Collaboration is an essential ingredient for all successful businesses, now more than ever, as we exit COVID. All enterprises need to be considering their future plans and asking themselves “What’s next?”

ACT NOW is a simple and effective way to take a step back from the daily operations and take a strategic overview of your business, to move forward.


Business Advice and Support

Everything from start-up business plans to accessing funding

Content Writing

We do strategic research and write content and copy that is uniquely crafted for your target audience


Create and implement your marketing strategy that reflects your brand and how you want your business to be viewed by your customers

Web Design

Designing and facilitating web sites that work for your business

The Team

All our consultants have owned their own businesses, experiencing the challenges that you as a business owner continue to face. Our experience is your experience.

We understand that growing a business can be a lonely place for the sole trader, partnership or young company and every bit as testing for a seasoned Board of Directors needing that additional set of eyes to look at vision planning. Our eyes are your eyes.

Having a team of specialists in their field behind you, to collaborate with on-demand is a massive advantage for any business.  Our team is YOUR team.

Business Development & Mentoring

I’m Liam Christie

I’m the Director Consultant at Christie Consultants Scotland. I undertake the mentoring and initial ACT NOW business review to understand the key requirements that your business needs assistance with.

I’m your first point of contact for engaging your business through our ACT NOW model.

Bringing over 20 years of experience in building successful teams, corporate strategy, and project planning, I now oversee our mentoring service and business development.


Business Strategy & Growth Solutions

I’m Julie MacLeod

I provide vital services and products to businesses looking to secure their future success but lack the critical resources to execute their vision. I’ll help define and map your business strategy, deliver bespoke solutions to improve your business, address your compliance, governance, and risk issues.

I will help solve your toughest challenges, keeping you ahead of the competition and transform your business into a thriving enterprise fit for the future.

Business Start Up

I’m Magnus Houston

I’m a Business Growth Advisor. With skills from MIT’s Sloan School and experience starting successful businesses from scratch, I use my knowledge to help other owners grow their businesses.

With no fewer than 6 entrepreneur awards to my name, I know what it takes to succeed. I’ll will work with you to help evaluate and guide your business, towards valuable growth.


Copy & Content Writing

I’m Justin Hendricks

I’m a copy and content writer. People hire me to write attention-grabbing words and concepts that engage, persuade, and sell.  

When it comes to your advertising and marketing, I’ll create the compelling copy and content that reflects your brand’s values and inspires your target customers to take action. 

This saves you time, grief and makes your marketing more impactful so you grow your business. Simple.

Marketing & Comms

I’m Jennifer Macdonald – Nethercott

I create and implement your marketing strategy that reflects your brand and how you want your business to be viewed by your customers with marketing planning that relates directly back to your business objectives.

With over 20 years’ experience in marketing I’ll work with you to increase brand awareness and sales while saving you time. Time you can spend on running, growing, and developing your business.

Roy MacKenzie Mono

Web Design

I’m Roy MacKenzie

I provide a bespoke, affordable web design service with an emphasis placed on high performance, quick loading web pages. As every business’s story is different, my designs focus on the individual needs of each customer.

I’ve worked in the publishing and media industry for over 30 years gaining specific experience in advertising, marketing, design, and digital media.

Leadership & Development

I’m Simon Coker

I work with people and businesses to approach leadership and organisational development with a sense of adventure. This helps develop the mindset and skills required to purposefully navigate complex systems with adaptive leadership that enables sustainable change.

So whether you’re a large multi-national or more locally focussed organisation, my insight and expertise in helping individuals and organisations develop, achieve and grow will benefit your business.


Business Broker

I’m Simon Fraser

I’m a business broker based in Inverness with years of experience in commercial property and business sales. With the help of my considerable local market knowledge, I specialise in the valuation and sale of businesses across the North of Scotland.

I offer a comprehensive, confidential, and professional service for business owners from presales business valuations, bespoke marketing packages, negotiating offers and everything in between.

Cyber Security & IT

I’m John Gillies

I’m a Cyber Security and IT professional with 25 years’ experience. I’m also a qualified GDPR expert as well as a Certified Ethical Hacker, GCHQ CHECK Penetration Tester and provide Data Protection Officer services to SMEs.

I’ll address the Information Technology challenges you have and can also analyse your business processes to see what can be done to improve them electronically.


Human Resources

I’m Natalie Perks

I’m a specialist in outsourced HR and training services with over 25 years Human Resource Management, learning and development experience.

With extensive experience in employment law, strategic HR planning, as well as the provision of practical and pragmatic HR management, support, and advice, I offer customers flexible Human Resource support, training, and advice.  


I’m Ken MacRae

I provide funding solutions for business owners up to the value of £5m. I source the best options that suit your business and I make applications to different lenders on your behalf.

This means you never actually have to set foot in a Bank, or wait on the phone, which is a huge saving of time, hassle, and effort for you as a busy business owner.


Mentoring & Guidance

I’m Emma Mitchell

I’m a business management consultant and serial entrepreneur. I see things differently and look at your business from the customer’s viewpoint. I will help you to truly understand the hidden problems that are holding you back from achieving growth.

Even if you think you have explored them all, a fresh, trained set of eyes can help take your business to where you want it to be.

Motivational Coaching & Training

I’m Fiona Macintosh

I’m a business motivational coach and trainer. I work with teams and individuals to identify what really makes people tick. I then develop strategies to increase motivation, enhance communications and improve working relationships.

 I use programs, techniques and tools that improve my clients’ state of mind, so they can be happier and more effective, building confidence and boosting workplace performance.


Charity Fundraising & Corporate Philanthropy

I’m Christina Mackay

I’m an expert in charity fundraising and corporate philanthropy with over a decade’s experience working in the third sector.

I offer the management tools and consultancy expertise to optimise your charity fundraising success and corporate philanthropic partnerships. I thrive on making a real difference for good causes and the businesses that support them.

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