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Business Strategy & Growth Solutions

Julie MacLeod

Business Strategy & Growth Solutions

Future Proofing Businesses

Julie provides vital services and products to businesses looking to secure their future success but lack the critical resources to execute their vision. She’ll help define and map your business strategy, deliver bespoke solutions to improve your business, address your business compliance, governance, and risk issue.

Julie will save you precious time and the stress of implementation while delivering sustainable advantages for your business today and tomorrow.

Whether you’re looking for a specific solution to a specific problem or you need an expert set eyes to help discover the root of your unique issue, she can help. Julie, backed with numerous qualifications and accreditations, has the wealth of experience and innovative out the box thinking to future proof your business with individually tailored solutions.

Business Strategy & Growth Solutions

Julie delivers…

A host of cost effective, time-efficient consulting solutions for:

  • Business planning & strategy
  • Market and Sector research and analysis
  • Comprehensive business support & performance monitoring
  • Feasibility studies & financial forecasting
  • R & D Tax Credits
  • Governance, risk, and compliance