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Motivational Coaching
& Training

Fiona Macintosh

Motivational Coaching & Training

Motivating Your Business

Fiona Macintosh is a coach and trainer, specialising in motivation. She works with teams and individuals to identify what really makes them tick, and then develops strategies to increase motivation, enhance communications and improve working relationships.

Often managers have very little idea what actually motivates the individuals in their teams and understanding the team rapport can transform productiveness and their business.

As an accredited Liberating Leadership and Motivational Maps practitioner, Fiona can map the individuals in your team and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of each person’s motivational drivers and strategies to improve their motivation, and in turn their performance.

Fiona also makes use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques that can improve her clients’ state of mind, so they can be happier and more effective, building confidence and boosting workplace performance.

Motivational Coaching & Training

Fiona coaches…

your teams and individuals to:

  • Improve working relationships
  • Improve productivity
  • Identify individual’s motivation & drivers
  • Identify what affects your team’s performance
  • Instil consistent leadership approaches
  • Develop a high-performance culture
  • Realise you and your team’s true potential
  • Achieve your business goals

What Clients say about Fiona

an outstanding leader who excels in inspiring and motivating those around her

“Fiona is an outstanding leader who excels in inspiring and motivating those around her. She has an uncanny ability to instil confidence, challenge you and build trust and rapport effortlessly. Fiona has been my biggest mentor and has influenced my career in ways I never thought possible.” Sarah Cowe