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Charity Fundraising & Corporate Philanthropy

Christina Mackay


Charity strategy, that makes a difference

With over a decade’s experience working in the third sector, Christina has the tools and expertise to optimise your charity fundraising success and corporate philanthropic partnerships. She’s passionate about making a real difference for good causes and the businesses that support them.

Using revolutionary fundraising plans and strategies, Christina offers expert consultancy for forward-thinking charities. Organisations that want to forge closer working relationships with philanthropic businesses, become more effective at fundraising and have a real impact on their communities.

Christina also provides solutions for businesses who want to do more for a new or existing charity partnership, by doing less! She created Philanthroteam to optimise and more effectively manage your charity partnerships, for you.

This gives you back a greater return on your investment, whether it’s time, resources, money, or a valued member of staff. With a focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR), the ethos of Philanthroteam is that good business should do good things.


Christina aids & supports…

Charity Fundraising & Corporate Philanthropy through:

  • Fundraising portfolios, fundraiser training and event planning
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies
  • Digital fundraising and social supporter engagement
  • Business to Charity partnerships and philanthropy
  • Supporter experience and stewardship
  • Experience in sector-leading stewardship, fundraising practises, engagement plans, corporate partnerships, and business to charity relationships.